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Upcoming Election

State Primary Election and 
Troy City Council Election
August 6, 2024

Why Your Vote is Important for Troy

  • One City Council Seat is open

  • The Troy City Council is non-partisan (no party affiliation)

  • The Republican Party is investing heavily in this non-partisan race

  • A City Council election held during the primaries is likely to be determined by just a few votes

Why Your Vote is Important for Oakland County

  • All Michigan Legislature Seats are open

  • District maps for the 2024 election are being redrawn

  • District 56 is currently represented by Sharon MacDonell (D)

  • District 57 is currently represented by Thomas Kuhn (R)

  • The Michigan Republican Party has vowed to do anything to regain control of the Legislature in 2024


VOTE Absentee:

  • Ballots available June 27

  • If you've requested a ballot to be mailed to you, mailing will begin at this time

  • Return by mail or to a dropbox near City Hall

    • Must be received by 8PM on August 6, 2024

  • Absentee ballots can also be cast at your precinct, as long as the stub on the top of the ballot has not been removed

    • NOTE: You will still need to complete an application to vote and have your ID checked


VOTE Early:

  • Early In-Person Voting: July 27 thru August 4 at the Troy Community Center

    • Early In-Person Voting works just like a precinct on election day:​

      • Fill out an application​

      • Complete your ballot

      • Put your ballot into the tabulator

  • Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM each day, except August 1 from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Drive-thru Clerk's Office: August 1, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Voter registration and voting)


VOTE on Election Day:


Why Your Vote is Important for Michigan

  • The U.S. Senate seat held by Debby Stabenow (D) is open

  • 3 Democrats will be on the Senate ballot

  • 10 Republicans will be on the Senate ballot

  • 2 Democrats and 1 Republican will be on the 11th Congressional District ballot

  • Every vote will matter in these hard-fought races

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