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Change Starts
In Each Neighborhood


Precinct Delegates (PD) are the boots on the ground for elections. 

PDs are elected local representatives of the Democratic Party. As a PD, you'll work in your neighborhood to inform Democratic voters about Democratic candidates, plus local, city and school board issues, as well as where and how to vote. 

What would you have to do?

You'll be provided with full training and a support team, as well as a list of Democratic voters in your neighborhood. Once trained, you can work alone, with other Precinct Delegates, or with family and friends.


How you communicate with voters is up to you.

  • Knock on doors to speak directly with voters

  • Leave relevant literature on a voter's doorstep

  • Send emails

  • Send texts

  • Post on neighborhood websites like NextDoor

  • Address direct mail messages

The Ultimate Goal: Turn out voters who are informed and prepared.

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More Ways
To Get Involved!

We get it. You want to do something to get our country back on track. Facebook rants aren't getting the job done. What can you do that makes a real, measurable difference?

The Troy Dems Club has the tools and connections to help you make an impact on Day One. Best of all, you don't need to leave your Comfort Zone, unless you want to. Whether you're a masterful letter writer, a person who loves to reach out by phone, or someone who wants to make your case face-to-face, we know candidates and causes that can use your help. Below are a few of the opportunities available to you:


Write Letters to the Editor

Did you know that media outlets determine the direction of their coverage based on the letters they receive? Address issues that are important to you or a candidate. And work at your own pace.

Hand Writing

Personalize Postcards

Adding a personal message to a candidate's postcard helps increase its impact. You can say it your way, or use a script, right from the comfort of your own home.


talking on phones

Call Voters Directly

Research shows that when real people reach out, voters are more likely to remember the message. You'll be supplied with a list of Dem-leaning voters, a script and a bit of training. Texting works too!

Grey House

Canvass Door-to-Door

Canvassing is just a fancy term for walking door-to-door in a neighborhood to acquaint residents with a candidate or cause. You'll get a script, a list of Dem-leaning voters and a lot of mentoring. It's a fun and rewarding way to get your steps in. 

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Run for Precinct Delegate

A Precinct Delegate represents the party's voters in a city's precinct, organizing outreach and attending Democratic events. It's an elected position and a great way to get involved in the Democratic Party. Inquire here for more information.

In a Meeting

Join a City Board

Interested in historical buildings? City planning? Parks? Sustainable design? Nearly every department in the city government has a group of citizen volunteers on an advisory committee. Join and make your opinions matter.