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Image by Brianna Tucker


Upcoming Events

Check back often for upcoming events from the Troy Democratic Club, the Oakland County Dems and the Michigan Dems. 

Events will also be announced on our Facebook page. 


Monthly Troy Dem Meetings

The Troy Dem Club meets the fourth Thursday of every month. There are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved in favorite initiatives, including the environment, climate change, diversity, election access, gun control and many more. Join our next meeting!


2023 City Council Elections

Turnout will be the key to ensuring the Troy City Council and Mayor's office deliver quality leadership and progressive ideas. Watch our website for opportunities to help the candidates and help your neighbors vote safely and securely.

Women Volunteers

Outreach Opportunities

In the coming months, the Troy Dem Club will be announcing a series of outreach opportunities for members to join. We're not just giving back to our community. We're giving it a new and fulfilling direction. Watch this space for more information. 

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