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Not a member yet? Join the Troy Dems today!


Club Meetings

Troy Democratic Club meetings are held the fourth Thursday of every month. Most include special speakers on local and Michigan politics,, progressive causes and ways to get involved, Select the link below to see what's coming up and who has spoken to the Club recently. 

Troy Progressive Youth Internship

Student internship candidates wanted! The Troy Progressive Youth Internship is designed to engage and empower young individuals in the world of local politics. Providing an opportunity for aspiring activists and future leaders to gain firsthand experience in the legislative and campaign process. 

Voting in Election

2024 National Elections

It's not too early to begin working towards a Democratic win in 2024. Campaigns are gearing up and they will need early support to hit the ground running. Reach out to your favorite progressive candidate to see how you can help.

Take Part

The Troy Democratic Club is an activist group, with an emphasis on active. Our members knock doors for candidates, work as Precinct Delegates, volunteer for campaigns and even run as candidates themselves. Help us make a difference!

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